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Work Incentives

Work Incentives make it easier for adults with disabilities to work and still receive health care and cash benefits from Social Security. Work Incentives allow you to remain in control of your finances and health care during your transition to work and financial independence.

Work Incentives That Go With the Ticket to Work Program

Work Incentives make it possible for you to explore work while still receiving health care and cash benefits; they are designed to help you succeed!

  • You may keep your Medicaid/Medicare while you work.
  • You have access to individualized support services.
  • You can select part-time or work-from-home alternatives to help you reach your goal of financial independence.
  • You can try work with confidence, knowing your benefits continue during your transition period.

The Ticket to Work program is just one of many Work Incentives available to you. When you assign your Ticket to an Employment Network, you are eligible for several Work Incentives:

Trial Work Period (TWP)
(SSDI recipients only)

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The TWP allows you to test your ability to work for at least nine months. During your TWP, you will receive full SSDI benefits no matter how much you earn as long as your work activity is reported and you have a disabling impairment.

Expedited Reinstatement (EXR)
(SSDI and SSI recipients)

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If your benefits stopped because of your earnings level, you can request to have your benefits reinstated without having to complete a new application. While Social Security determines your benefits reinstatement, you are eligible to receive temporary benefits for up to six months.

Protection from Medical Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR)
(SSDI and SSI recipients)

Icons representing CDR, SSDI and SSI

If you assign your Ticket to an approved service provider before you receive notice of a medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR), you will not have to undergo the medical review while you are participating in the Ticket to Work program and making progress within Social Security's timeframes.


Learn more about Work Incentives

One of the best ways to learn more about Work Incentives including the Ticket to Work program is to attend a free Work Incentives Seminar Event (WISE) online webinar. The Ticket to Work program hosts an accessible online event for you and your family to learn about Work Incentives, including Ticket to Work. You can join a webinar on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Register online or call 1-866-968-7842 (V) or 1-866-833-2967 (TTY). You can also learn more about Work Incentives in Social Security's Red Book!

Find out how Work Incentives apply to you

To find out how Work Incentives may apply to you, make an appointment to meet with a benefits counselor at your local Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) project. Working with a WIPA project is free for disability beneficiaries. Visit the Find Help tool to find a WIPA near you or visit our Meet Your Employment Team page for more information.